Graduation: The Glee and the Grief

   Life Passages are all crossroads. Crossroads are a place where one choice ends and another begins, a fork in the road of life’s journey. One of life passages is graduation from the academic world; where the student uses all the knowledge accumulated thus far, and puts it to use as they set off into […]

Celebrating the Breath of my Birth

My birthday is this week. Birthdays were always peak experiences and life passages in our family. We saved all year for their homespun extravagance. We brought all the 5 senses to the birthday. Willed my children, who are all grown up now, “Remember the fire hydrant party, the bee party, the unicorn party, the sky writer […]

If These Walls of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Could Talk

We are the walls, in The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We hold the spirits and hear the whispers, of the bones, of the silent anonymous souls who gave up their names, their individual mark for the ideals of humanity. All these bones speak one language. The original language. The heart’s language. Their souls are the fossils […]

Never a Dead Mother’s Day

“My life is worthwhile even if I burn all the cookies. The creative process for me is like a path of discovery. So mostly my emotions through it are wonder and curiosity.” ~ Callie Jannoff, Co-Founder, Church of Craft No child wants to miss their Mother on Mother’s Day. No matter what age the child, […]

What are you going to see on

Grief and Loss surround The End like a moat. Death. Finality. A dark abyss. But just like the moat around a castle, the moat does not define the castle or the light that glistens off the spires of that castle. It is just a necessary obstacle to cross to go in or out of that castle. Grief […]