We help you to stop leaking your vital energy on compensating wasteful behaviors and symptoms. You can shed the cumbersome barnacles, the exhausting protective layers, the costly emotional insurance, the duplicating back up plans and escape hatches with simple natural health solutions. Then you can easily let go of the need to fight for survival, along with the confusion, chaos and obstruction to your finding your True North in health and purpose. We reunite you with your original vitality, easily and simply, just the way nature does it. What is left is the very best of you.

No protocols. No one-size-fits-all. No assembly line. All custom and unique. Just like you. Less is more. Original is perfection.

Whether you’re looking for renewed health for yourself or a loved one, we support all stages, transitions and milestones of life – birth to death. Please refer to our About Us page which lists our successes including infertility, auto-immune diseases, anxiety, ease at end of life, or ongoing preventative care.

We customize natural solutions that include:

  • Constitutional Homeopathy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Topical Salves
  • Food and Nutrition 

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What do our patients think?

Your healing is already working before I’ve even take the remedy! 🙂 Our session moved energy deep in me, which triggered my standing up for myself. Relieved. So many people are so ugly. It’s so distasteful and unnecessary.

~ C.C., West Hollywood, CA

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! You have no idea how much you have changed my life. Not only have you helped me with my skin but more importantly you have inspired me to follow my dreams. I am so excited about the future and truly believe I would not be opening my dream health/juice store if it were not for you. You have helped me realize that it’s ok if I fail and the journey will be hard, exhilarating, fun, exciting and overwhelming but in the end it will all be worth it because I will learn so much about myself. You are amazing! You are magnetic and unlike anyone I have ever met. When you talk about your family I find myself saying in my head “I wish I was related to her.” I owe you the world! I want every day to be like today, which is why I am scared to let go of you. I am scared I will stay not in this amazing state of mind if you are not in my life. I am gaining confidence every day and know I will be able to do it on my own very soon. Thanks for your patience! 

~ K.S., Santa Monica, CA

Just wanted to update you! My toddler R. has totally changed!!! She is so much calmer and happier! Her cough is gone and she’s sleeping in till 7:15 when she used to wake at 545! She has not been hitting our new baby and she’s throwing way less tantrums. I think the acupuncture worked and perhaps some of that remedy did get into her system. Also, my trip was great and my supply was awesome! I pumped more on the trip then I did at home!! Thank you!!!!
I want to get my daughter R. on a regular cycle of coming to see you, she is in such a good spot right now!!!!

~ XOXO, C.P., Los Angeles, CA

Don’t know the results of the x-ray yet but she was sitting up in bed so perky today, not even a week after the stroke. And she’s drinking her probiotic/pineapple juice so much better. She is using her left hand – what improvements day by day, and it has even been one full week yet. Each day she gets more talkative and fluent. 

So = good news for the weekend.

~ G.H., Reading, UK

I was referred to you by a very happy mom who struggled with infertility and miscarriages for years and is now celebrating pregnancy.  She said you helped her get her body balanced.  I seek that balance.  I have been diagnosed with a very low AMH and infertility.  Most doctors have given up and tell me they will only treat me if I use an egg donor.  I’m 43 and have been in the “infertility” system for 2 solid years. Help?

~ J.B., Scottsdate, AZ

The remedies have definitely helped. I have felt stronger and had more resolve. I feel movement in consciousness from the remedy you gave me. The first day I took it, I felt a surge of yang/decisive energy, like a determination to clean things and people out of my life.

~ C.C., Paris, France

Thank you for all you did for our 99 year-old Mother. Your over 20 years of loving care, thoughtfulness and professional skills allowed my Mother to live longer with an alert quality of life and a peaceful, loving quality of death. Even hospice could not believe how easy and peaceful her passing was, without any drugs.  You are very much appreciated. With all our love and gratitude.

~ B.M., Orange County, CA

So 5 hours after ingesting and its worked its magic. Sweet relief. Thank you Aviva. You are so encouraging. And yes my saviour from exhaustion. You have cleared my internal space – given me room – given me power. Strengthened my independence. The love is beyond words.

~ C.H., Reading, UK