The Prayer Pocket


This pocket holds the loving language of prayer. Some say prayers are silent, spoken words or symbols of an earnest request, wish or petition made to God, involving requests, thanks, praise, confessions, offerings, acts of devotion or the success of a voyage.

This pocket holds your intention for spiritual connection for the dying. Your Prayer Pocket is there for them, in your stead when you leave the room or to be left in their coffin. Some have used this Prayer Pocket to tuck a picture or token of someone who has passed into their coffin, just so they can call, recognize and meet them in heaven once more at their end.


What is the Prayer Pocket?

The Prayer Pocket is a portable white silken pocket with a convenient Velcro attachment to the prayer pocket to a place near the person who is passing, or in their casket after death. The Prayer Pocket can hold a personal prayer, a symbol or relic of love, a stone, a shell, a picture, a religious symbol or anything, or nothing at all but loving to connect the living to those leaving soon. The Prayer Pocket is accompanied by a prayers from around the world which can be accessed digitally here

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