My SnugHug


My Snughug™ is an Adult Self Soothing Swaddle (Snug as a Bug in a Hug) made 100% of Organic Silk from China. It is feathery soft to ensure those you love feel enveloped by angel wings. The edges are hand rolled. The silk is strong, but its porous nature is cooling while comforting. The product is easy to transport and comes in a silk sac. 


How to Use My SnugHug?

1. Spread out flat My SnugHug™ on your bed With the horizontal straight edge aligned Just below and parallel to your pillow.

2. Center yourself on My SnugHug™ face up with your arms stretched out straight from your sides. Grab the corners of My SnugHug™.

3. With your Left hand grasping the left corner, cross over to your right hip, tucking My SnugHug™ under your right hip snugly. You may roll slightly to the left to more easily secure it under you.

4. With your Right hand grasping the right corner, cross over to your left shoulder tucking My SnugHug™ under your left shoulder. You may roll slightly to the right to secure it snugly under you.

5. Once snug, for added soothing, gently roll your shoulders back and forth, rocking yourself in a soothing fashion while whispering softly to yourself, “Shhhh. Shhh.”

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