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Grief and Loss surround The End like a moat. Death. Finality. A dark abyss.

But just like the moat around a castle, the moat does not define the castle or the light that glistens off the spires of that castle. It is just a necessary obstacle to cross to go in or out of that castle. Grief and Loss, like the moat, are just an obstacle to cross to get to the castle of light; the pinnacle moment of passing. And it is time to shift our attention to that pinnacle flicker moment – now – and let grief and loss take a lesser role.

Unfortunately, there will be more death in the next ten years than ever has been in all of history. The urgency is now. It is real. Let’s prepare for it. Together.

That is why we at DrAvivaBoxer.com do what we do with the end of life. We help to refocus, reinforce, and renegotiate attention, emotions, significance and bonding toward, at and after death. There is healing, peace, calm and presence at death.

We at DrAvivaBoxer.com redirect attention to the other parts, experiences and expressions of the dying process. We hope to bring light to, inspire, educate, enlarge the scope, uncover hidden choices and mostly to lift the end-of-life process, just a little, from the heavy, heart sick, grief stricken, taboo, just-get-through-it attitude and empty void that permeates the moment souls move from matter to anti-matter.

We are interested in four basic parts of the dying process:

  1. Developing your legacy:  ILegacy
  2. Stating that legacy: WordsmithEulogies
  3. Bonding that legacy at imminent death: LastLovingMoments
  4. Bonding that legacy after death: FunusualFunurals
Wander through our website and get to know us. Get to see what the possibilities are for an easy passing for you or your loved ones. Our legacy is to make sure your legacy and bonds stand the test of time for all generations to come. We want you to ‘X marks the spot’ on the hearts of those you have touched. Only then will we have accomplished our own legacy and made our own signature mark.

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