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We all live in an overmedicated, quick fix medical world.

Drugs are a temporary fix. They buy time, especially in emergencies. They don’t cure disease. That would be like saying throwing a life preserver buoy to you as you are drowning in the ocean will save you. The buoy may keep you afloat for a time, but not save you from the elements. Drugs help in the short term but with huge tradeoffs to your health and vitality in the long run. Chronic disease gets worse with their long-term usage. Nature, on the other hand, is the original true alternative healing solution to disease, where there are no trade offs and wellness is sustained.

Stop spending your joy and energetic resources on adapting, compensating, camouflaging, creating a hard shell, clawing, living in groups, surrounding yourself with a cloud of black ink, running or flying away, hiding, getting fat, wrinkling, wallowing, migrating, or hibernating.

These compensations cost you your life force and siphon your everyday joy. Pay no more. There are natural life forms that already utilize these acts of survival in a more superior way than any similar methods you might also employ in your own life to survive.  Nature’s plants, animals, minerals and gasses give us permission to use them. So take their offering. Preserve and refurbish what health you have so you can access that perfect original you… once again.

Just simply the original, vibrant, joyful, resilient YOU.

Dr. Aviva Boxer, OMD has had successful healings with birth, life and death. Here are some examples:

  • Infertility patients scheduled for IUI, IVF, and egg donation
  • Autoimmune disease, metabolic syndrome
  • Anxiety, panic disorders, grief and loss
  • Chronic disease related to pain, allergy, thyroid, pituitary and the gut
  • End of Life drug-free support for an alert death and potential for emotional closure

Wander through our website and contemplate the possibility for resilient health for you or your loved ones. Dr. Aviva Boxer, OMD is currently accepting new patients for a limited time. Check out our Services page for more information on offerings. Call our Playa del Rey office for an appointment or complimentary 10-minute inquiry at 530-238-5649 or email@DrAvivaBoxer.com

IMG_20130609_153426Dr. Aviva Boxer, OMD, is a holistic doctor and best selling author/speaker on birth, chronic disease and end-of-life care. Experienced in natural health for over 37 years, she has worked on both the conventional pharmaceutical and the natural holistic sides of medical treatment. She is well known for being a Constitutional Homeopathic Doctor, Oriental Medical Doctor, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Nutritionist. Dr. Boxer offers unique natural fixes at key transitions of life when, so often, vitality and health fall through the cracks. She noticed many become confused, demoralized and despondent at sickness and transition, drained of their original healthy clarity, will and intention. Dr. Boxer decided to offer alternative natural options to inspire individuals to take back their healthy vibrancy.