20 New Year’s Dont’s for The Sick and Bedridden: Part 3

1.     Don’t overstay your welcome and pull from the minimal energies they have to sustain their life. 90 minutes is as long as they can tolerate at any one sitting. 2.     Don’t Chatter and talk to fill the silence. Let void and space be OK. 3.     Don’t fill their space with YOUR holiday traditions. Be […]

What are you going to see on DrAvivaBoxer.com?

Grief and Loss surround The End like a moat. Death. Finality. A dark abyss. But just like the moat around a castle, the moat does not define the castle or the light that glistens off the spires of that castle. It is just a necessary obstacle to cross to go in or out of that castle. Grief […]