Safe, Healthy Non-alcoholic Pregnancy Drinks

Missing your cup of coffee or glass of wine because you are pregnant? You don’t want to hurt your baby, but you also want a way to relax, feel part of the socializing world and have some delight in your daily routine? I am often asked by my patients who I have helped to finally conceive naturally after months and years of IUI and IVF how to continue their health success and at the same time keep their entertaining lifestyle, while still protecting their baby. Here are some natural suggestions to drink and thrive so both you and your baby are growing and happy both emotionally and physically.

First pay attention to the container you are pouring your drink into that may make all the difference in the world. A typical coffee cup or a boring tumbler glass may just not cut it. Fool your senses by putting your drink in another container. Add a twist, an olive, a celery stick. Sometimes it is all about the container you put it in that does the trick. For instance you might try a frosty beer or root beer mug, a thin tall champagne flute, a chunky glass bucket or an elegant wine glass. You might even put your drink into an empty wine bottle with a cork. The feeling of uncorking and pouring will be satisfying. Make it special and creative. Pick a drink that has a color that attracts you. There are drinks on the list below that are ruby red like a cabernet, fluorescent green like the Incredible Hulk, or bright yellow like a sunflower. And we all know smells are triggers to pregnant women too. So review the list below and see what strikes your fancy. Your spouse may be as intrigued as you are in these new exotic drinks.

The list below are favorite drinks of many of my pregnant patients:


  • Thai iced tea
  • Jasmine Tea with mint or lemon/lime
  • Kava Kavaapsan Souchong Tea
  • Kobuk Tea’s Samovar Blend Tea
  • Tisano Chocolate Tea
  • Pappy’s Sassafras Tea
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Green Kukicha Twig Tea (Fluorescent green color)
  • Lapsang Souchong Tea (smoky)
  • Lavendar Tea

Carbonated Beverages

  • Sodastream: Ginger-Lime, pomegranate, tamarind, real root beer.
  • Italian Sodas like blackberry or kiwi
  • Seltzer with ginger syrup or juice
  • (With a SodaStream):
  • Apple juice and sparkling water
  • Sour Cherry juice and sparkling water
  • Ginger/lime syrup with sparkling water
  • Club Soda with fresh lemon/lime juice add fresh basil or rosemary
  • 100% cranberry juice with lime and soda water


  • Mayan hot chocolate with cayenne, cinnamon.

Fruit drinks

  • Basil Lemonade
  • Rosemary Lemonade
  • Blood Orange Fresco
  • Rhubarb Spritzer
  • Bitter Lemon with quinine

Vegetable Drinks

  • Clamato with lots of lime, maggi sauce, tobacco and ice
  • Bloody Mary Recipe without the alcohol

Water Infused

  • Cucumber with basil infused simple syrup
  • Agua de Tamarindo
  • Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus)

Herbed Drinks

  • Spiced ginger
  • Goslings Ginger Ale
  • Ginger beer
  • Real Ginger boiled with pineapple juice.
  • Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew
  • Switchel (ginger & maple base)
  • Birch Beer
  • Honeyed Chrysanthemum Tea
  • Kava Colada

Bitter Drinks

  • Chai
  • Kvass
  • Flavored Kombucha
  • Bovril
  • Karela Juice (Bitter Gourd)

Milk Drinks

  • Horchata
  • Almond Milk with freshly grated nutmeg or cinnamon.
  • Mango Lassi maybe add cardamom

Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

  • Bragg’s vinegar drinks
  • Spice Apple Cider

If you are interested in attending a No Sick Pregnancy No Drugs Salon, please email me at I will email the next date and topic. You can taste several of the drinks above and share some unique, creative and naturally healthy ways to enjoy fertility, pregnancy and birth.

Make sure you try a few drinks above and discover your own favorites. Let me know your experience, additions or change ups in the comment section below. It will make your long nine months seem shorter, lots more fun and creative.

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