Forget Me Knot Hardbound: A 5 Step Guide to Tie You to Them


Forget Me Knot A 5 Step Guide to Tie You to Them

By Dr. Aviva Boxer, OMD

Outlive your end. Leave something for your Family. Leave something they can’t buy, rent, trade, or ignore in your Family. Join us for the secret to their knowing you’re around them whether you are alive or dead.

You are more than your achievements, resume, accomplishments, or triumphs over adversity. Surprisingly, who you are is buried in the choices you did NOT make over your lifetime. They are the fossils of your being and the makings of your character. When you retrieve your orphaned choices you discover your life’s meaning and living legacy.

Forget Me Knot guides you step by step to insure you are remembered your way so that you can soothe, guide, warn, protect and help your near and dear in life and after death, automatically without having to be physically present.

After reading Forget Me Knot you will have:

• An inspirational one-liner core life message that best represents you.

• One symbol that anchors and triggers you.

• One recognizable response pattern as a Thinker, Feeler, Doer, or Dreamer.

• Bonding them to you through the layering of the five senses.

• One unique multimedia Life-o-graphic™ that brings you to life.

“Dr. Boxer teaches us how to approach death without darkness, reassuring our dearest people that we will always still be there.”

– Martha Weinstein, Octogenarian, Author and Speaker

“Dr. Boxer is a master speaking from living experience rather than dry theory. Her book, Forget Me Knot, is a work of great profundity and insight.”

– Susanna Belen, Founder, We Care Detox Spa and Spiritual Retreat

“A book so needed and unlike any I have ever seen! It is filled with vision and wisdom to help us navigate the fears of a permanent loss of a loved one. Dr. Boxer masterfully guides us to identify and share meaningful messages, symbols and tokens of connection across life and death.”

– Dr. Joan Rosenberg, PhD, Psychologist, Author, Speaker

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