Wordsmith Eulogies uses a proven formula that captures the seed of a soul.
In this Unforgettable Eulogy Report, Wordsmith Eulogies shares with you how to separate the flower or fruit of a soul from the seed, so that the deceased can be remembered the way they wished to be understood and remembered.We are all more than our accomplishments, our artistic expressions, our possessions or our struggles. In this report Wordsmith Eulogies shows step-by-step how to capture that quintessential understanding after death.



  1. Heo

    I know how difficult it is to give a Eulogy, I did this 7 motnhs ago for my Dad, I love him so much and miss him terribly. I don’t know much about the history of Bobby kennedy because he was well before my time or what his stance on Vietnam was but all I do know is that giving a eulogy is hard. I had to do it in front of 200 people at my Father’s funeral. Beautifully put together.

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