From Injury to Gold Medalist with Homeopathy

Usain Bolt had a grade one hamstring tear less than one month prior to his competing in the August Olympic competition in Rio! It seems miraculous, right? Yet, with the healing abilities of homeopathy, acupuncture and herbs Usain achieved Olympic gold status three times! Usain Bolt has been using homeopathy, acupuncture and herbs for his […]

Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings & Holistic Health Options

We admire them, don’t we, those Olympic athletes? Whenever the Olympics come around we see more people jogging outside and flocking to the gym. We all want what they have- that vibrant glow in the cheeks, chiseled muscles and sparkling whites in twinkling eyes. We want their stamina, resilience, vitality and drive to be our […]

Pregnancy & Birth: Tend & Befriend vs Fight or Flight

This past weekend I was the holistic birth Doula for my daughter’s birthing of her daughter, Aria Rue. As with most births, it was miraculous and wondrous. She had her baby naturally in a hospital setting. No drugs, no medical intervention. They thought she was crazy not to take the drugs. She was all the […]

Safe, Healthy Non-alcoholic Pregnancy Drinks

Missing your cup of coffee or glass of wine because you are pregnant? You don’t want to hurt your baby, but you also want a way to relax, feel part of the socializing world and have some delight in your daily routine? I am often asked by my patients who I have helped to finally […]

Children’s Cancer Ward #5 West

As he scampered down the hospital corridor with his shiny bald head shining under the fluorescent lights, it seemed to match the yellowing skin on his bum peeping through the loosely tied rear opening in his Cookie Monster hospital gown. Five-year-old Mickey was waving his silken blue-feathered Prayer Pocket in the air, “I got it! […]

20 New Year’s Dont’s for The Sick and Bedridden: Part 3

1.     Don’t overstay your welcome and pull from the minimal energies they have to sustain their life. 90 minutes is as long as they can tolerate at any one sitting. 2.     Don’t Chatter and talk to fill the silence. Let void and space be OK. 3.     Don’t fill their space with YOUR holiday traditions. Be […]

11 Precious Holiday Gifts You Can Give The Sick and Bedridden: Part 2

It may be cold outside but for the sick and bedridden their room is constantly warm, often stuffy, sterile or claustrophobic. They have acclimated to the slower pace, the regimented schedule, the various smells, the bland tastes, and the noise of painful calls for a nurse from neighboring rooms, while they bask under the yellowish […]

20 Precious Holiday Gifts You Can Give The Sick and Bedridden: Part I

He’s all by himself on Christmas in that depressing assisted living center. You feel bad for him. But you’ve got your own family to think of and all the stressors of the season to go with it. And it is all on your shoulders: the food, the gifts, the decorations, parties and the thank-yous. Plus, […]

Heaven’s Passport

Ninety-eight year old Harry wanted to make sure his spirit could recognize his deceased loved ones who passed over into heaven once he arrived. I guess you would call what he put in his Prayer Pocket a ‘Heaven’s Passport’. He wanted to make sure there was no mistake and he could control his fate in […]

Mother’s Day Post Part 2: Whisper Wisdom

As I said in my Mother’s Day Post Part 1: Thank you Baby Songbird, I speak of Mother’s Day as  a day to give thanks to the people who made it possible for you to be a Mother in the first place-your kids. In my case, my two daughters are the ones for whom I am […]