The Monger Collection: Sadness Monger


The Sadness Monger™ transforms apathy in any room, especially in those last uncertain closing moments of life. It detects, attracts, absorbs and cleans negative thoughts, transforming them to self-acceptance, appreciation and happiness.

The Sadness Monger™ is a porous silken hanging pyramid-shaped juju pouch that contains 100% natural rarified plant, animal and mineral essences. It can be hung in a room or on the body, or steeped in into a one-time tea. Other potential uses include sprinkling it on the grave or at the threshold of any entrance. Use it within three months of purchase for best results.

The Sadness Monger™ is one of 3 Mongers in The (Peace-Love-Happiness) Monger Collection™. Whether transforming war to peace, hate to love or sadness to happiness, these mongers have been created to shift the energy in any room.


What is a Monger?

A Monger is an enchanting trader who can take something undesirable or unpleasant and transform it to something of great quality. For example, in story, Rumpelstilskin was a Monger who turned straw into gold. Historical Mongers were Aristotle, Democritus, Gerber and Rhazes. Our Mongers restore health, improve situations involving the human heart and intention, empower, and produce positive effects.

The Monger Collection

The original reason for creation of the Monger Collection was to help the dying to have peace and love in the room with their loved ones just before passing on to the hereafter. So often we heard stories of brother and sister, parent and child fighting over medical decisions, material things and money, or making it an inappropriate arena for old grievances. We wanted to elevate the experience at end-of-life for all involved not just the dying. We wanted it to be healing, a graduation of light and loving.

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