Forget Me Knot Love My Life-o-graphic Video Course and Workbook


Forget Me Knot’s “Love My Life-o-graphic” Series

Five 1-2 hour sessions and a 50-page workbook, with fun assignments in between (not mandatory, but hey – do you want to get this done or not? Besides I make it creative and a blast!):

Step One: Your Thread and Life Pattern
Step Two: The Chine or Knick Points of Life
Step Three: Expressions/Responses
Step Four: Your Essence
Step Five: Make Your Mark!

Dr. Aviva Boxer, a Best Selling Author and a been-around-the-block Holistic Practitioner and End-of-Life expert, walks you through bringing your core life legacy message to life. We’ll break down the proven Forget Me Knot 5 Step Guide together so that she can share all her secrets and latest strategies so you can make a secure trucker’s hitch knot that never loosens to their heads and their hearts.

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