Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings & Holistic Health Options

We admire them, don’t we, those Olympic athletes? Whenever the Olympics come around we see more people jogging outside and flocking to the gym. We all want what they have- that vibrant glow in the cheeks, chiseled muscles and sparkling whites in twinkling eyes. We want their stamina, resilience, vitality and drive to be our own very best selves. The older athletes will tell you its all about consistency, recovery and mind set. We wonder how they get it and try to emulate them with maybe a new exercise schedule. But it is not only exercise that makes a great athlete. It is their will and belief in self and success too. Where the physical meets the mental and emotional is a perfect place for holistic health options. I have witnessed the transformations.

I have shared natural health and life stories with Kerri Walsh Jennings, a 38 year old Mother of three, and 3 times gold medalist in Beach Volleyball at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Kerri shared with me that she had a rigorous schedule of consuming whole food supplements from Standard Process and herbal supplements from Mediherb. She admitted that it gave her healthy pregnancies and babies as well as sustainable energy to amplify her skill to gold medal mastery in beach volleyball. She added that her daily commitment to whole food supplements rather than pharmaceutical grade extracted vitamins gave her the edge. She felt that when you give your body the organic whole food it needs there is no need for doping to make the grade.

Making the grade with our body as well as our emotional/mental will is useful not only for a world class athlete, but I have also used the same holistic options for the Will to kick drug/alcohol abuse or the stamina and focus needed to pass a medical, law or entrance exam, or win a competition like chess or the National Geographic Bee, which seem more about mental fortitude than physical strength. In all of these situations the physical must meet and support the mental/emotional and vice versa.The Will must be in top form. Holistic options, by their very nature, link your body and mind by synching the two and producing exceptional performance at very high levels.

Below is a short list of must have health supplements I use with high achieving athletes, competitors, and those facing impossible looking challenges. We use diet, herbs and homeopathy to get that mental, physical and emotional edge for Olympic gold.

Must Have Foods:

  1. Beets: Contains betaine. Metabolite to convert amino acids like homocystine. Supports blood fat to sugar. Helps the gall bladder to produce bile helps breakdown and eliminate toxins from the body. Superior in liver support, the commander-in-chief of the body’s energy and hormone regulation. The result is breaking down the usable from the non-usable and nourishing both in the body and the thoughts of the mind. Indecision and doubt drop away.
  1. Buckwheat: High in Vitamin C and Rutin which reduces inflammation. Vitamin C is a requirement for adrenal, fight-or-flight stress. Balances blood sugar. Satisfies hunger. Rich in magnesium, which is a co-factor to 300 enzymes. Reduce high blood pressure and prevents heart failure and stroke. Gluten Free too. The result is the ability to take on and process more stress and use what energetic stores you have so very efficiently. Resilience is increased.
  1. Alfalfa: Father of all foods. High source of chlorophyll for circulation and immune function. Enzymes for assimilation and digestion. Supports blood sugar. Helps the Pituitary Gland with hormones. Purifies blood. Detoxes urinary tract. Race Horses love it too! The result is that all the cofactors, enzymes and necessary minerals are available for uptake, so that speed of action is increased.

Must Have Herbs:

  1. Schizandra: For fatigue and physical stress. Improves physical exercise, mental performance and concentration. Evens out blood sugar. Mild antidepressant. Helps in drug detox. Nerve Tonic. Releases bonding hormones so it cements ones dreams to success. Tonic. Protective.
  1. Ginseng: For fatigue and physical stress. Improves physical and mental performance as well as concentration. Slows aging. Regulates sugar metabolism. Focuses attention. Gives a quick return to health from post viral infections.
  1. Bacopa: Improves memory, especially medium to long term. Improves concentration and mental performance. Gives laser like focus. Reduces anxiety. Supports sleep. Strong nerve tonic.

Must Have Adaptogens:

  1. Herbavital: Contains reserveratrol for anti-aging. Improves poor memory and cognition. Supports laser focus. Strengthens heart and circulatory systems. Invigorates immune system and reduces inflammation. Increases stamina, adrenal strength and balances blood sugar. Promotes general health, DNA integrity, and provides antifungal properties. Especially provides vitality for 40+ years and up.
  1. Vitanox: Powerful antioxidant. Supports integrity of tissues, blood vessels. Protects against environmental toxins and viral gut replication. Strengthens the cardiovascular system. Life lengthening supplement.
  1. Ashwaganda: Adrenal and energy support to prevent fatigue. Improves physical performance. Those who are wound up and run down, ‘wired and tired’, and those with adrenal and nervous exhaustion. Great herb for type A individuals who keep going until they drop. Also excellent for the elderly. Good for anemia, inflammation. Improves sleep and pain from osteoarthritis.

Must Have Homeopathics

  1. Arsenicum: For the perfectionistic type. To be forever strong, forever young and have improved resistance. Quiets fears of death, being alone, looking on the dark side of things, or restlessness. For a person obsessed with order or a need for reassurance or has anxiety that something is expected of him/her. Also useful for extreme weakness from slight exertion. It quiets restlessness.
  1. Arnica Montana: For the person who is obstinate and has headstrong resistance to other people’s opinion. It is believed that he/she has an important task to perform. For people who push themselves too hard and work themselves to death in the school of hard knocks. For people who have old gnawing ailments from injuries, either physical or mental, including remorse and shock. For sore, bruised sensations or trauma.
  1. Ruta: Doubts about his/her success. His/her actions are contradictory to intensions. There is dissatisfaction with self and others. Imagined he/she is always being deceived. There is weakness after sitting or walking.

For a more personalized customized holistic answer to merging your peak performing body with your razor sharp Will to succeed feel free to contact me at email@DrAvivaBoxer.com.

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