Bury Tales: Death By any Other Name

Death By Any Other Name

By Dr. Aviva Boxer, OMD

Just mentioning the word ‘Death’ makes even the most callous of persons stop in their tracks and pause with the dear-in-the-headlights look before they can collect their thoughts and then respond.  To circumvent this problem we have come up with many ways to say death. Below is just a few interesting ways we have referred to the word death. Can you add any other ways to communicate death to this list?

  • Cash in
  • Check out
  • Croak
  • Cross over
  • Cut one’s stick
  • Drop the Hooks
  • Go Home in a Box
  • Go the Way of All Flesh
  • Go Up Salt River
  • Go West
  • Hop the Last Rattler
  • Kick the Bucket
  • Pass out the Picture
  • Pay the Debt of Nature
  • Push up Daisies
  • Rest in Abraham’s Boxom
  • Ride the Pale Horse
  • Take the Big Jump
  • Toss in One’s Alley

Add to the list if you can. How do you or your family refer to death?

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