Under The Flag on The 4th of July

UNDER THE FLAG: CELEBRATING FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS By Dr. Aviva Boxer, OMD I can see all the thousands of American Flags grounded into the graves of hundreds of thousands of soldiers buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. What a glorious sight on this fourth of July: the birthday of our freedom. All those […]

Graduation: The Glee and the Grief

   Life Passages are all crossroads. Crossroads are a place where one choice ends and another begins, a fork in the road of life’s journey. One of life passages is graduation from the academic world; where the student uses all the knowledge accumulated thus far, and puts it to use as they set off into […]

Never a Dead Mother’s Day

“My life is worthwhile even if I burn all the cookies. The creative process for me is like a path of discovery. So mostly my emotions through it are wonder and curiosity.” ~ Callie Jannoff, Co-Founder, Church of Craft No child wants to miss their Mother on Mother’s Day. No matter what age the child, […]